Our new vision is "A Global Company Creating Construction Value through Excellent Solutions". Excellent Solutions imply that HanmiGlobal delivers exceptional client value with confidence as an organization consists of industry experts. Furthermore to value creation for quality, construction cost, and schedule, with safety HG's top priority in performing services.

Global Company means to be a trailblazer in the global market with an entrepreneurial spirit striving for a sustainable future. The 3-growth axis and the 3-prongs of strategic approach, infrastructure, and culture are the foundation required in order to accomplish Vision 2020.

The 3-growth axis includes Global Business, ECD(Engineering, Construction, Development), and M&A. The 3-prong strategic approach includes Enhancing Global Business Operating Systems, Promoting the ECD Business Model, and Securing Competency in Providing Total Solutions. In addition, Infrastructure and Culture includes Establishing Global Risk Management System and Realizing Happiness Management.

Through this vision, we envisage a workplace full of originality and passion, exceptional outcomes, and provide a competitive compensation where employees feel rewarded and are eager to be productive every day.