A core value is an organization's essential and consistent belief that it keeps up irrespective of changes in its exterior environments. Therefore, it plays a critical role for the way that staff thinks and acts as well as the operation source and basic management principles of the organization

The core value as the most fundamental philosophy represents the corporate culture and management basis to influence strategies or decision making of the organization. HanmiGlobal has selected 10 key words that have been stressed since its foundation in 1996 and has identified 5 final core values which reflect the image of the company and CEO's business philosophy.

These 5 core values are Honesty, Safety, Client, Excellence and Contribution. They are attributed to our great success today and will be the principle for our thoughts and behavior to achieve our vision and mission.

In order to make our 5 core values clearly understood, each value is defined again with regards to its subject and behavior norm. In case of customer, for instance, its subject is our behavior and system running and the behavior norm is that we always contribute to our customers' success. Since our core values are the essential factors to achieve our business vision every staff member of the company should use them as the basic rules for his or her behavior